Occupational and Environmental Compliance Issues

Occupational EnvironmentalOccupational Environmental Compliance Audits give a better understanding of the compliance status of a facility and its operations. Additionally, an Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits done to the ASTM E2107-06 scope should identify opportunities for environmental management system improvements, reductions and/or the elimination of any would-be legal and financial liabilities.

Cardinal understands the importance of conducting Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits in order to zero in on environmental liabilities of a facility’s operations, such as: improper handling, storage or disposal of hazardous substances; faulty or misused equipment leading to spills or releases of hazardous substances; human health risks; or improper permitting and recordkeeping that can lead to significant fines. A thorough compliance audit should assist an owner or facility manager with correcting these concerns to limit penalties and liability.

Cardinal can assist clients with the abatement and/or implementation of occupational and environmental compliance issues, including OSHA Citation Review and Assessment.


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