Safety Certificate Series

Safety Certificate Series

This five course Safety Certificate Program will ready you to take your safety program to the next level. 

Communicating Your Way to World Class Safety

Effective communication and its relationship to an organization’s operations is often unrealized. Ineffective communication can lead to poor safety performance in the form of increased accidents, workers compensation premiums and decreased overall profits. This workshop addresses the essential elements of effective communication surrounding a world class safety culture and how they can impact an organization’s overall performance.

Learining Obectives Include: 

1. Identify the primary reasons that organizations have safety programs.
2. Explain why safety programs fail or succeed.
3. Describe what effective communication looks like.
4. Identify how you can improve your overall communication.
5. Recall the essential elements for safety success.
6. Discuss how safety truly impacts an organization’s bottom line.

Building Effective Safety Teams

This course discusses the key components of building an effective safety team, including management, purpose, structure, roles and organizations. 

How You Will Benefit: 

Understand the role of Safety Committees
Understand the benefits of Safety Committees
Understand how to plan and conduct meetings
Improved employee engagement
Improved management “buy in”

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Create a Safety Culture

Understanding OSHA

This course focuses on answering your questions

regarding OSHA and taking away any fears or

misgivings.  We’ll discuss the history of

Occupational Safety and Health, Employee Rights

and Responsibilities, Employer Rights and

Responsibilities and OSHA Standards and



Delivering Effective Safety Training

This course focuses on providing attendees with the

necessary tools to

1. Determine What Safety Training is Needed;

2. Identify Workplace Safety Training Needs;

3. Identify Safety Training Goals and Objectives;

4.  Develop Workplace Safety Learning Activities;

5.  Conduct Safety Training;

6  Evaluate Workplace Safety Training Program Effectiveness; and

7. Improve the Safety Training Program.

Accident Investigation

This workshop focuses on how to conduct a

thorough workplace accident/incident

investigation and as well as how to use the

information to prevent recurrence of injuries and

illness in your workplace. Topics covered include

defining an injury or incident, root cause

analysis, the steps involved in accident

investigation and setting up an effective reporting