How to Fix Your Safety Program

Fix Safety Program

This course will teach you how to fix safety program. It discusses common causes to a stagnant or non-existent safety program, the key components to a healthy and productive safety program, and the steps necessary to fix and revitalize your program.

Upon finishing this course students will have the ability to identify:

  • Common Safety Program Pitfalls
  • What a Healthy Safety Program Looks and Feels Like
  • Minimum Components of a Safety Program
  • Tools to Utilize to Fix and/or Revitalize Their Safety Program

Once you have a fool-proof safety program in place, you’ll learn how to implement it and not only will it be a great program, but also an effective one.

An effective safety and health program consists of Management Commitment and Employee Involvement.
We can help you achieve that on both ends and fix safety program.

Maybe you have safety programs, but you’re not sure if they meet standards, or you’re not sure how to start using them.
We can get you on the right path and by taking this class you are taking the first step, by making the commitment to workplace safety.

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Fix Safety Program