Handling the Aftermath of an OSHA Inspection

An OSHA Inspection…..

An OSHA inspection can be stressful enough, but what happens after you have been inspected?  In this 4-hour workshop we will discuss how to best handle the informal conference process and abatement of citations. We will also talk about follow up inspections and litigations.

OSHA can inspect if they have a good reason to and normally, they won’t warn you before they show up.  Some things that may cause OSHA to come out to your workplace for an inspection are:

  1.  Imminent danger situations- These are hazards that could cause death or serious physical harm.
  2.  Severe injury and illnesses- employers must report any of these situations and if they seem frequent or serious enough, an OSHA inspector may just come out.
  3. Worker Complaints- allegations of serious hazards take a high priority and can be a cause for inspection.

These are just a few of the reasons OSHA could show up at your workplace. Although, an employer can request that OSHA gets a warrant to look through the facility, chances are that will only buy so much time.

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