Job Safety Analysis

Need to conduct a job safety analysis, but not sure how?

You’ll learn how to develop and manage a job safety analysis program and gain a better understanding of your role in making it effective.  Through discussions, demonstrations and exercises, you’ll learn how to dissect processes in your operation and eliminate or reduce hazards inherent with these processes. You’ll also learn how to enlist participation from front-line employees, supervisors, and upper management. The result: efficient procedures that help reduce personal injuries and operating costs.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Learn how to recognize and use important safety and health terminology
  • Understand the JSA’s relation to continuous improvement in your organization
  • Understand how to identify and communicate the safety and financial benefits of using JSA
  • Learn the key requirements of a successful JSA
  • Understand how to recognize hazards inherent in task performance and develop solutions and hazard controls
  • Learn how to complete a JSA form

Job Safety

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