Safety for Supervisors


Knowledge and enforcement of safety standards starts with leadership. We instruct on the basics of the supervisor’s role in safety and OSHA standards for supervisors.

OSHA 1960.55(a)

Each agency shall provide occupational safety and health training for supervisory employees that includes: supervisory responsibility for providing and maintaining safe and healthful working conditions for employees, the agency occupational safety and health program, section 19 of the Act, Executive Order 12196, this part, occupational safety and health standards applicable to the assigned workplaces, agency procedures for reporting hazards, agency procedures for reporting and investigating allegations of reprisal, and agency procedures for the abatement of hazards, as well as other appropriate rules and regulations.

Topics Covered:

  • How to identify and control hazards
  • Incident prevention
  • OSHA’s role in safety
  • How to confidently address safety and health issues

In addition, we will focus on supervision’s roles in promoting a positive safety culture, as well as proper safety inspections, incident investigations employee engagement and properly discussing conducting safety meetings.

Duration: 4 hours