Richard Barcum

Employee Number:  1135

OEPA Number: 4198829224 (Expires 01/31/2017)

*Required Contact Hours: 48.0

Safety Contact Hours Received From 01/01/2016 to 12/31/2018: 14.0

*It is required that half of your total required Contact Hours are Operation and Maintenance “OM” and the other half is Safety “S”related.

Training Record
Course Date Course Name Course Expiration
09/15/2016 Bloodborne Pathogens (2-S) 09/15/2017
N/A Confined Space Entry N/A
N/A Confined Space Refresher N/A
05/12/2016 Confined Space Refresher (2-S) 05/12/2017
N/A Electrical Safe Work Practices Qualified N/A
N/A Electrical Safe Work Practices Non-Qualified N/A
N/A Emergency & Evacuation Training (EAP) N/A
11/10/2016 Emergency & Evacuation Training (EAP) (1-S) 11/10/2017
N/A Ergonomics/ Back Safety N/A
N/A Ergonomics/ Back Safety Refresher N/A
N/A Excavation Safety/Shoring N/A
N/A Excavation Safety/Shoring  Refresher N/A
06/23/2016 Fall Protection/Fall Hazards (1-S) 06/23/2017
N/A Flammable Materials N/A
N/A Hand and Power Tool Safety N/A
N/A Hazard Communications N/A
01/14/2016 Hazard Communications Refresher (1.5-S) 01/14/2017
01/05/2017 Hazard Communications Refresher (1.5-S) 01/05/2018
N/A HAZWOPER Refresher & Spill Prevention N/A
N/A Heartsaver 1st aid/CPR/AED N/A
N/A Heat Stress N/A
N/A Lockout Tagout –  Affected Employee N/A
N/A Lockout Tagout Audit N/A
03/10/2016 Lockout Tagout – Authorized Employee (2-S) 03/10/2017
N/A Machine Guarding N/A
N/A Means of Egress/Fire Protection N/A
N/A Powered Industrial Truck Safety (Fork Lift) N/A
N/A Powered Industrial Truck Safety (Forklift) Refresher N/A
04/14/2016 PPE/Hearing Conservation (2-S) 04/14/2017
N/A Respiratory Protection N/A
N/A Respiratory Fit Testing N/A
N/A Seasonal Safety Orientation N/A
N/A Struck by/Caught Between N/A
N/A Tool Safety N/A
N/A Walking/Working Surfaces N/A
02/23/2016 Welding / Compressed Gas Safety (1-S) 02/23/2017